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Meet our Team! Dr. Paul Keller

Oct 16, 2015 5:03:38 PM

Posted by Diane Campbell

Dr Paul Keller

Paul Keller was born in California to parents who were both college professors, one in physics and one in mathematics. The family, which includes his two brothers, moved to Northfield, Minnesota when Paul was 12. He remained in Minnesota to earn his bachelor’s degree at St. Olaf College. Intrigued by science and technology, he went on to study biomedical engineering at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. During his graduate program, Paul Keller worked in a medical research lab, where he discovered that he was better suited to medicine than research. 

After earning his M.S. at Case Western, Paul Keller attended Mayo Medical School until graduating in 1985. Early in his medical education, he discovered that the technology of medical imaging was a perfect fit for him. He completed his radiology residency in 1989 and a fellowship in body imaging in 1990, both at the University of Iowa. After finishing his fellowship, Dr. Keller decided to stay in Iowa. He says that Des Moines seemed to him to be an ideal place to settle down, neither too big nor too small.

Dr. Keller finds medical imaging fascinating and remarks that it is “the state of the art of medicine.” When he’s not working, he enjoys traveling through California wine country and spending time with his family of seven and their multiple pets.


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